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The word Fanastasia originates from Franciska as when we first crossed paths I could not remember her name so that is what I put in my phone. The path in which we were about to travel on our way to fulfillment would form our understanding of FanastasiaLove.

St. Francis, MN

March 2013 - September 2013

Our first position was as Resident Managers with Northern Management where we learned the foundation of property management from curb appeal, unit turns and leasing. As the only compensation was a free apartment, we had to not only begin to obtain a salary,  but also be closer to The University of St. Thomas and Culligan Water that were both in the Twin Cities.  

In order to get closer to the metropolitan area we took a position as Caretakers where we merely maintained the common areas and grounds in exchange for free rent. As six hours per day was expected for the duties to be performed- we completed them in less than two. They gave us a one week notice of termination and ordered us to vacate as it was determined we were not working the required hours. 

Egan, MN

September 2013 - November 2013 (50 miles)

Plymouth, MN

November 2013 - September 2014 (30 miles)

Thankfully, Marathon Management had an immediate opening for a Resident Manager Team where we not only got a free apartment but also a base salary. As we had now went from living together, working together and getting let go together- we finally got over "The high of first contact" and begin developing our relationship.  At this breaking point, either one of us had to leave- it ended up being Franciska. After about two weeks I ended up being let go for Lack of Performance established by company standards. Thankfully, FanastasiaLove was established and although we were apart we were never separated. 

As we had originally met with InMotion Property Management for a team position as On-Site Property Managers; after our separation they were solely inclined to maintain Franciska as the manager. They did agree to allow us to still reside together free of rent and have me assist as needed. As working together was no longer an option the owner did offer us the opportunity to pay for us to obtain our Real Estate License and be a team in that field. As much as we appreciated the opportunity and did become Licenses Realtors, not being able to work together where we lived was throwing off our Fung-Shui. 

Prior Lake, MN

September 2014 - May 2015 (30 miles)

Slayton, MN

May 2015 - July 2015 (160 miles)

As we shall never loose our Fung-Shui, the opportunity to be Operations Managers at Lake Shetek Lodge and Motel was a dream come true. We lived on Valhalla Island that included a free suite, fishing, boating, bar and grill, family reunions and absolute freedom. However, the former manager and owner had a relationship that did not include us. We were only there for two months when we got a notice which included pictures of debris after a storm that we were terminated.  

Our first stop was an opportunity in Denison, Iowa for a Motel Managers position. We were provided a place to stay during the boarding process for a few days. It was at that time our car broke down over heating and although it was covered by warranty we would have to get it back to Clearwater, MN in order for it to be fixed. After a conversation about our current situation and understanding of the expectations for the position, we were told that we had 48 hours to leave as we were not going to be a suitable fit for the owner.  

We were fortunate to make it 360 miles to get our vehicle fixed and get a rental car. During this time we had to stay with my mother in Shoreview, MN. As wonderful it was to spend time we all understand the nature of privacy and the invasion of it.  One of our friends had a few complimentary nights at Grand Hinckley Casino in Hinckley, MN. We spent every waking moment seeking out our next path when we came across an opportunity in Duluth, MN that was only 75 miles away.    

As we arrived at the motel the owner expressed her desire to separate herself from the business. After a brief breakdown of the operation we were left to take over the reigns, but not before we were shown where the petty cash was located. Blessedly, Franciska had the knowledge to ensure that the  dollar amount was counted in her presence. Our first task was to paint the room as it had been smoked in since the beginning of its existence. It was a surprise for us to learn from one of our first guest how much prostitution was taking place on the premises.


While moving a couch that had to be maneuvered outside, we got a call from the owner saying, "what are you doing moving my couch?" After we gave the explanation she proceeded to show up and say, "you have quite the mouth on you boy!" It was revealed to us that we were being recorded and spied on the entire day. As I had experienced racism before this was Franciska's first time witnessing it first hand. As we quickly packed up our items to ensure that the situation did not escalate we found ourselves driving at midnight, through a thunderstorm, not knowing where we were going to sleep that night. 

Duluth, MN

July 29th, 2015 (330 miles)

We ended up going back to my mothers house for a few weeks when we crossed paths with a gentlemen whom offered us cash to help paint new construction. After saving up our money we decided to go down to Fairbault, MN as there was an extended stay. During this time we both were introduced to the welfare system including Unemployment, SNAP, and Food Shelves. 

Granite Falls, MN

August 2015 - January 2017 (250 miles)

Coincidentally, we found an opportunity as Property Managers at RiverView Apartments that was a Project Based Section 8 Housing community for low income persons and families. We were provided with a free apartment and a base combined salary that was only disbursed once a month. With the distressed property we had the freedom to renovate the entire complex from interior painting to exterior landscaping to change the reputation and stigma. As occupancy increased and all was coming into fruition we ended up making headlines by having the biggest Heroin drug bust at the property that SouthWest Minnesota has ever seen. We took appropriate measures to reassure trust within the community and began seeking out from the owners, that were based out of Oregon, options for growth and expansion. Living in a town with a population of 2,000 was not something we saw ourselves calling home for a lifetime. After continuously asking for advancement and raises we eventually understood that it was not going to happen. As we were tired of the cold and ready for a change away from Minnesota we started our search again- but this time nationwide.

We came across a position we presumed would be fulfilling 31 hours and 2,000 miles away as House Parents with the Florida Keys Children Shelter. We drove down there expecting separate living quarters with a private restroom, reasonable salary and most importantly an opportunity to provide a positive role model for the children within the home. Upon arrival to the office in Marathon, FL we never even received a "welcome" or "how was your trip?" All we got was, "here is the onboarding paperwork to be completed" and "they are waiting for you at the house!" 


As we finally reached our destination we pulled up to a Housing Authority Complex of townhouses that offered housing for multiple social services. Inside the house everything that was promised was a lie and there we were stuck sharing a bathroom with children, sleeping in a room that connected to the children's room by a closet, caring for a young lady who was pregnant that never left the house, trying to calm children who were just released from incarceration, cooking in a kitchen that was out of order as it was being remodeled, attempting to enforce house rules governed by the children, asking for help from the Guardian Ad Litem that followed their own procedures and seeking support from ownership that did not care about the well being of the children or the Houseparents.


It only took two weeks for the children to rebel against us trying to bring structure without any support. After beating on our door all night and blaring music for hours outside our bedroom door, we had to shut of the internet as our only available consequence. Once they began cursing us out like there was no tomorrow we had to walk away from the situation in order to protect ourselves.  We were let go for leaving the children and had to vacate  the next day immediately while ownership and Guardian Ad Litem watched us move. 

Key West, FL

January 2017 (2007 miles)

It was humbling that the women who worked with us during our short period at the shelter opened up her home in Fort Meyers, FL in a beautiful gated community on a golf course. During the next two months we traveled from Miami to Tampa Bay and every place in between seeking out opportunities. It was where we were residing in Fort Meyers that we met the president of an association of a resort in Cokato, MN. After speaking with him and the Board for a week it was time to move on to the next step of our journey- back to our home state.

Cokato, MN

April 2017 (2007 miles)

We did our due diligence and built excitement towards heading back home with an Operation Lead role at Cokato Lake RV Resort. Upon arrival we first had to not only convince all the Board members to provide us with functional plumbing for the RV in which we were to stay in until the current managers departed from the unit, but also assist them to understand that a port-a-potty was not suitable for the time being. 

One of the Board members brought to our attention that there needed to be a meeting amongst all members and us about some of the concerns that were brought up from the community. The truth came about that there was a sense of fear that a black person would be the one of new managers at the resort. As we sat and listened without emotion we never knew exactly was in store for us.     

We attended a bowling tournament that weekend when we unexpectedly got a drunk call from a couple of the members. One of the members asked me, "what are you going to do Michael when someone calls you a fucking nigger?"   

As we returned for shadowing on Monday it was scheduled for us to attend Certified Pool Operator Training from Tuesday to Wednesday which we completed.  The day we returned to Cokato we received a message from the president of the association that he would like to meet with us. Both him and the secretary came to the RV with a letter of immediate termination. Wisely, we said nothing and proceeded to pack up what we had remaining and left.   

As this experience had occurred before- this was a breaking point in that the reality of Racism is still to this day a powerful force in this country. We spoke with an attorney that believed in us whom took our case that we would later prevail. 

As everything happens in order it was unfortunate that one of our friends, Daybow Adams, wife had passed away during this time. As most can imagine after being together their entire life the devastation that it causes. This was our first experience understanding what it means to be sent on a mission for a reason with a purpose to fulfill. Within a month we were able to get his house, boat and Cadillac Escalade sold, find an apartment and get him settled into his new residency all while having a place to lay our heads.

St. Paul, MN

May 2017 (60 miles)

Toledo, OH

June 2017 (650 miles)

We always wanted to get into mobile home community management so the opportunity just happen to come about with Jaftak Management at Bel-Air Mobile Home Park in Toledo, Ohio. It was not long before we found out that Toledo was one of the top Heroin epidemic cities in the country and we found ourselves at one of the epicenters. Out of 130 lots merely 100 of them were part of a city operation while the rest lived in fear.


We had never been in an environment where there was a feral cat infestation, $20,000 in monthly rent delinquency with records that do not reflect any accurate ledgers, homes that were being sold without buyers ever receiving the Deed and once we brought about the truth to the community our office door was barricaded along with the building being tagged. It was our first realization to understand the challenges faced when it comes to fighting the war on drugs. It was clear that we need to make a move before a move was made on us. 

After staying at Hawthorne Inn & Suites for a month in Toledo, Ohio we crossed paths with MTH Management out of East Lansing, Michigan whom opened up the door for us to be Regional Managers. The family orientated organization was humbling to witness as we had been seeking this structure for quite some time. As we had originally discussed on relocating back to Toledo as their portfolio was expected to exponentially grow, before we could permanently relocate they brought aboard a Maintenance Technician what was sent to deter us from ever returning to Toledo. As we did spend a month traveling back and forth each weekend, the time appropriately came for us to follow the lead that had been revealed to us, as difficult as it was, to not only move south to warmer weather, but secure our safety and well being.

Kalamazoo, MI

July 2017 - Dec 2017 (150 miles)

Brunswick, GA

December 2017 - January 2018 (1,035 miles)

We thought we were moving to paradise for an opportunity that would provide us with an Operations Lead for a renovation project at Golden Isle Inn & Suites with Lofty Asset Management. Being promised as we had been before with a fairy tale reality we were still hopeful of the chance to get back down in the warmer climate.


Once again a 3 bedroom unit promised was not going to be available for years as out of the 4 buildings there was only one- code ready. In order to reestablish the property we understood the wise way was to close it down until further notice. The few rooms that were being occupied were from the drug epidemic which needed to be resolved immediately.


As we addressed our agenda to the Project Manager the signs were immediately torn down and we were told that the business needed to stay open as the current guest are paying our salary. After all the deceit along with the Cock Roach infestation and homeless individuals still using the abandoned buildings we determined it was wise for us to separate ourselves from the situation. 

We decided to go to Tampa Bay, Florida as we just got our settlement from Cokato Lake RV Resort. After searching for a couple weeks we went to Panama City Beach, Florida where we rented a studio condo on the ocean. Franciska enrolled in Cosmetology School and I had a few opportunities that were not suitable as we had to be considerate of schedules and travel. It was the first time we learned about the different license and designations that go along in property management with associations. When you accompany that with living in a tourist town that is seasonal- we continued on our quest.

Around 2013 we were close to having what we presumed then was our dream position as Community Managers at Hawthorne Senior Living. The timing was right when they had an Assistant Management Team role open in Oxford, Florida that we were told would lead into the Community Managers position. This included salary, free housing, full benefits and three culinary meals a day.


We were scheduled for two weeks training with a different team that was filling in as the property was not up to par with their current managers. We spent two weeks serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and tea. We did not realize that the schedule consisted of 72 hours straight. As we were use to being on-call 24/7 it was a surprise to figure out our salary was based on minimum wage. What was even more shocking was how a majority of the Community Managers were retired and still holding those positions.


We reviewed with the Regional Manager how misleading the job description was then offered a comprehensive solution on how we could get the property back to maximum operations. We were told that there were not any Community Manager position openings and we would have to go to Arizona for another two weeks of training. As the relationship was boiling over with tension from the old generation with the future generation and no longer trusting the company it was time for us to continue on our path. Three years later we learned that there was a Class Action Lawsuit filed where we received a total of $64.00. 

Oxford, FL

April 2018 (190 miles)

As we were ready to get out of the Property Management sector we contemplated getting back into working with children so went over to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to meet with Children in Crisis and spent some time ensuring we didn't make the same mistake that had happened in Key West, Florida. Although they were very pleasant and maintained a solid foundation we were still waiting to hear back from a mobile home community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After spending three days we got the offer we wanted and headed back up north. 

Fort Wayne, IN

May 2018 (1,030 miles)

Upon arrival we were put into a home to stay until the current managers moved out that was filled with urine and feces odor and didn't even have running water. We told the Regional Manager to put us up in a hotel. We then noticed similarities from a previous inquiry we submitted years prior and we wanted to clarify as they only wanted Franciska. It was confirmed that we were in the system and received a call only four days later from both the Regional Manager And Director of Operations that they did not like our demeanor and immediately let us go without any compensation.  

We were grateful that Children in Crisis took us back and paid for our relocation. The emotional journey that the children face as many of them may never return home or get adopted was a humbling experience. It was a difficult role when you have 8-12 children in a house with both boys and girls ages 6 to18- it just doesn't work most efficiently. It's also a challenge with little to no activity budget as we ended up after awhile having the feeling of being institutionalized.  It could be a very fulfilling role if there were no more than five children in each home and still have a balance with our own personal life. After spending a long summer we got an offer that we could not pass up. 

Fort Walton Beach, FL

May 2018 - September 2018 (850 miles)

Roosevelt, AZ

September 2018 (1,650 miles)

We packed up our items to be Operations Lead with Advanced Outdoor Solutions at Roosevelt Lake Resort Park in Roosevelt, Arizona. As this was our first time visiting the desert we were in an agreement to establish this project and then relocate for another assignment. It was agreed and confirmed that all relocation expenses had been processed, thus scheduled for direct deposit Friday, September 14th. It was Thursday when we got an email that we were being put under payroll of the resort and no longer being paid by Advanced Outdoor Solutions. We were to get our funds no longer on Friday, but the following Monday instead. We expressed how it was stated that everything had been processed and we are relying on those funds as promised. We were told that the tone we had on our email will not fly with her and after trying to talk about it we were let go two weeks after arrival. 

We were in the middle of no where knowing no one so we had to take the drive all the way back up to Minnesota. Our path in the span of two weeks took us through four different time zones and over 3,000 miles. We spent our time in the Twin Cities and kept searching nationwide for where we were going to be taken next. It just so happen another Houseparent position opened up back down in Florida. 

The Operation Director agreed to offer relocation expenses and would ensure she would have it worked out amongst the other team members as she was going on vacation. We drove from Minneapolis to southern Illinois and never heard from anyone throughout the entire day. When we finally had to stop as we were out of gas and money we finally got a call from one of the assistants that stated they never heard anything about the conversations we had been having with the director. She also mentioned that there was still paperwork they were waiting to get back that would not allow us to live on the premises.


It was suggested that we go back to Minnesota for another couple weeks until they get everything returned. We told them absolutely not, so as long as you provide us with the funds to get down there as promised we will ensure that we reach out to everyone for any outstanding documents. We got the funds and had to stay in a nearby hotel for a week. Once the Director returned from vacation we had our first meeting and the only thing that was shared with us was that we were the ones confused as to what she had agreed on and we merely decided that we both will move on from it.


When it came time for our first pay roll we were only compensated for a minimum wage hourly rate for a pro rated amount rather than the full salary expressed on the contract we signed. When we asked to discuss this matter and after everything that had occurred throughout this process they decided it would be easier to let us continue on our path. 

St. Augustine, FL

October 2018 (2,000 miles)

Gainesville, FL

October 2018 - January 2019 (75 miles)

With such short notice we followed up with the owner of One Florida Realty that we had met with earlier in the summer for another Property Management position. As we met with him as Co-Managers there was only one opening at the moment but as soon as something comes up we both would have a role. They had a model unit we could move into immediately that was free of rent. Three days into the position the current manager gave her notice so we understood that we would be able to work together as originally planned.


They ended up telling us that the ownership group did not want partners working together on the same site. A month later, once the current manager left,  we found out that they brought in a random person with no experience as the Property Manager and still had Franciska as an assistant.  It was only a few weeks later that they let go one of their managers at another property so we were excited that the door was finally open. We were soon to learn that they would not even spend the time to talk with me and brought aboard someone else. This was the last straw as it was hypocritical that the entire operations from investors to the ownership group all worked together with their spouses or domestic partners.  

After reaching out in the past we were fortunately able to get in with Bishop Gate Golf Academy as so called Houseparents for children whom parents pay upwards of $100,000 a year to attend. We discussed with the director that the more accurate description is a Resident Advisor as the role is not in the foster care system.


How could anyone pass up living in a two bedroom executive suite with all utilities and rent paid, three executive meals daily, lucrative salary, free association membership, monthly Disney World trips and full benefits, which is a package estimated over $150,000 a year.  


It came to the point only a few days into training where I would not be asked but demanded to perform a task and it was clearly expressed that it must be done without Franciska- not once but twice. The second time I asked not to be demanded with such an authoritative dictation as a subordinate employee. We got called into the office four days after our start date and were told that they have a close team and we were not a suitable fit and asked to leave immediately. They said they would give us $400 cash and also give us a full weeks pay check on the payroll which was not for another two weeks. We talked with the HR Director who expedited the payment a week earlier but then decided to deduct the $400 as goodwill. 

Howey-In-The-Hills, FL

January 2019 (85 miles)

We spent the proceeding time roaming from Orlando, Florida to Riviera Beach, Florida seeking out opportunities that ranged from door knocking sales to Residential Sober Home Managers. As we came to understand and reflect on our path that we had been sent on- we found ourselves sleeping at rest areas in our car for the first time in our lives. We were waking up driving not only to food shelves, but also finding churches that prepared daily hot meals. Trying to find a place to keep the leftovers in our car and a place to shower everyday was the most challenging thing to accomplish during the time. The most painful experience was trying to find the means to travel back and forth to Gainesville, Florida in order donate blood as that was our most recent address.

Fort Pierce, FL

March 2019 - April 2019 (150 miles)

After nearly three months sleeping at a rest area off the Florida Turnpike in Port St. Lucie, Florida we were blessed for Franciska to cross paths with Elite Electric and Air as they were looking For A Comfort Advisor selling AC Units. She was able to support us with a base salary of $300 a week plus a lucrative commission structure. We found an Extended Stay to lay our heads for $300 a week where we would stay for the next two Months.

As the summer came and sales were even more than what we expected we were so anxious to leave our current living situation and get into a better place and community. We found a beautiful waterfront rental for $500 a week as that was affordable and refreshing at that time. As it was not our wisest decision but we were experiencing the difficulty of finding a reasonable place to live in this area. As the summer passed and sales begin to slow down and after trying to negotiate a fair price for a monthly lease we were preparing again for our next move. What was most concerning was that the mother of the person whom we were renting from owned a small lodge that came with all the fine amenities right down the street for only $350 a week that he never told us about.

Port Salerno, FL

May 2019 -  July 2019 (10 miles)

Jensen Beach, FL

August 2019 - 2023

Thankfully, she had a room available immediately so we moved there the beginning of July. As Franciska continued to hold up the team the search for sustainable income was growing as the seasons changed. The biggest of our concerns was that 'in-season,' December-March, was approaching in which Florida owners double or triple the prices for rental agreements. As we knew that our weekly rate was going up to $700 a week the search was on once again.


As the calendar turned to November we still had not found anything suitable within our area so we begin to start looking around the country for another position with housing. We came across an opportunity for a new development of a tiny home community that was located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As another journey around the country was not in our spirits we were at a stuck at another crossroad.


During our search we came across a women named Mary that was the Association Manager at Blue Heron Mobile Home Park and Cottages in Jensen Beach and she just had someone move-out on short notice. It was the perfect spot that was right on the Indian River and 2 miles from the ocean. When we met with her in the middle of November she said that there were nearly 70 applications and 1 person even offered to pay an entire year in advanced, so we assumed that we had no chance.


We almost packed up our bags and went to New Mexico, but wisely we did our investigation by getting the contact information of the current manager to discuss the details of the project. What we learned was that the owner did not share the truth or accurate information regarding her investment so our decision not to move was made for us. It wasn't until November 30th that we were notified of our approval for the cottage. It was a blessing that one of our bowling teammates helped with the Security Deposit and Mary agreed to work with us on payment arrangement for the remaining due balance. 

For the first time in 9 years we finally felt at peace and at home being a resident in the state of Florida.  Franciska ended up leaving Elite Electric and Air for although she loved the owners, they would not take the responsibility to hold the unjust leaders they put into power accountable for their actions.  She would find herself working with other organizations within the same industry for the next year but never would find a comparable business to her first experience. After going through multiple industries over the next couple years she finally crossed paths with 24 Hour Floor in October of 2022. 

It wasn't until February 1st, of 2020, that i would find my first property management position that was 1.5 hours away in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As the compensation and flexibility was worth the trip, it would only last for 3 months as the Board of L.A. Lee Terrace apartments decided to switch management companies. The new company would not offer the same accommodations that I needed so that was the end of that position.

As the search continued into June I remembered the Instacart App I downloaded in 2018 that I still had saved in my phone. This would end up being a life savor as I was easily making $700 - $1000 every week making deliveries.  As this was the same year that the Covid-19 pandemic begin business was in high demand. On November 2, 2020,  I learned my dad had passed away from Prostate Cancer. As I attempted to deal with my emotions I continued shopping in order to keep my mind occupied. 

On November 5th, as I was delivering an order in an apartment complex, an elderly women from another building ran over accusing me of parking in her spot as her daughter was going to be arriving within the hour. As I had over 8 grocery bags in my hand I calmly explained to her that I am making a delivery and will be leaving in a moment. She continued to follow me yelling at me saying that, "you need to get out of here boy," until I eventually reacted by saying, "back of bitch." She said I am going to ruin your life and proceeded to contact the delivery customer whom reported the instance. When I tried to explain to Instacart facts of the case my experience would mean nothing since I violated their policies so I was permanently banned from their platform. 

In 2021 we started working on becoming bowling tournament directors in the South Florida Region. As there were too many directors in the area we learned quickly that this is a field that we would not be successful in. What I did learn and what I was meant to learn was about the USBC (United States Bowling Congress), SMART (Scholarship Management Account Reporting for Tenpins) Program, and the injustice of their 30 years of practice for youth bowlers around the country. Accompanied by the NCAA rule change regarding NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) I begin developing what is now know as The Scholarships 4 Us® Program that will be an umbrella company of FanastasiasEstates.™

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